Dr. George Ioannidis

Director GONIMOTIS Reproductive Centre
v. Scientific Director Institute of LIFE MHTERA Hospital IVF Unit

Dr. Alexandra Georgakopoulou

Scientific Director GONIMOTIS Ultrasound Centre
Scientific Collaborator MHTERA Hospital Fetal Medicine Unit.


Address:    Monis Petraki 5, Kolonaki, Athens
Tel:    +30 210 7222442-443
Fax:    +30 210 7222615
Email:  info@gonimotis.gr


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You can trust our services because:

  1. We offer complete services

Dr. Ioannidis and his team at the IVF unit of MITERA Maternity Unit provide a full range of infertility techniques by applying pioneering techniques in Greece.

  1. Our focus is you and your attempt to become parents

We value the human factor above all. You trust us with your treatment and we feel it is our duty to reward you by committing to the quality of our services.

  1. We are absolutely honest and transparent with you

All couples are treated with absolute honesty and everything we advise you is true. At each stage of the treatment, we give you all the data in writing. Transparency at all stages of the in vitro fertilization attempt at the assisted reproduction unit of MITERA Maternity Hospital is ensured by the ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System standard as certified by TUV Austria.

  1. We personalize each stage of your treatment

For us, every couple trying for a child is special, so we personalize the treatments according to each couple’s particular needs and history. We pay attention to the slightest detail so our patients realize that we really place importance on the peculiarities of their own case.

  1. We provide treatments similar or superior to those offered abroad

Both Dr. Ioannidis and the whole group of embryologists at IVF unit of the MITERA maternity hospital have been trained and specialized in the U.K., the U.S. and other European countries, having gained immense experience. For this reason, they maintain close contact with the most renowned fertility clinics of Europe and apply pioneering techniques for the sole purpose of enabling you to become parents.

  1. We have high success rates

We are proud to have achieved the highest success rate [link] in clinical pregnancies following in vitro fertilization treatments. This is proven by the high level of preference for our services from all over Greece. 

  1. We provide the highest safety for women’s health compared to all other IVF units in Greece

The IVF unit of MITERA Maternity Hospital is the safest IVF unit in Greece, since it has the support of all medical specialties of the HYGEIA group, the largest and most acclaimed health group in the Balkans. Given the high success rate of our therapies, we focus on patient and embryo safety, taking preventive measures to avoid possible complications in the process of ovulation, ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome and multiple pregnancies.

  1. We are trusted by hundreds of foreign couples

Dr. Ioannidis and Dr Georgakopoulou’s team provides high quality medical services. With the help of the HYGEIA Group, we invest in equipment and technical infrastructure to get the best quality in the embryology lab. Quality assurance and high success rates have made us extremely popular with hundreds of patients from many countries in Europe and the Middle East.

Τι είπαν για εμάς

With the power of God and the strict professionalism and support of Dr. George Ioannides, we brought our son to the world. We owe them our happiness ...
Tasos & Isidora 14-05-2014
Thank you. We've been waiting for so many years for now!
Evi & Panagiotis 23-12-2014