Dr. George Ioannidis

Director GONIMOTIS Reproductive Centre
v. Scientific Director Institute of LIFE MHTERA Hospital IVF Unit

Dr. Alexandra Georgakopoulou

Scientific Director GONIMOTIS Ultrasound Centre
Scientific Collaborator MHTERA Hospital Fetal Medicine Unit.


Address:    Monis Petraki 5, Kolonaki, Athens
Tel:    +30 210 7222442-443
Fax:    +30 210 7222615
Email:  info@gonimotis.gr


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You can make an appointment and meet us:

In our private practice, the GONIMOTIS Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Fetal Medicine Center in Kolonaki, Athens


At the Assisted Reproduction Unit of MITERA Maternity Hospital in Maroussi – Institute of Life MITERA



Ιn 2004 we founded in Kolonaki a state-of-the-art clinic offering full reproductive gynecology and obstetrics services.

Care has been taken that all our facilities are modern, and welcoming, mainly aiming at creating a friendly and pleasant atmosphere to induce a mood of relaxation and familiarity for women and their companions. We felt this was absolutely necessary because we need to discuss with you highly personal and sensitive issues and you will have to undergo examinations during which you will feel rather uncomfortable. You can see our facilities by watching the album.

We respect the tight schedule of our clients and we try to be as much consistent to the scheduled hours as possible.

The practice has state-of-the art technical equipment and fully qualified personnel. We have implemented a pioneering e-archiving system for our patients since 2004 and we have since then results are being sent electronically (pap test, blood tests, etc.).

We have modern medical devices (4D digital 4D ultrasound, digital colposcope), secretarial support and 24-hour medical coverage for emergencies.

For many year now, we have been implementing the most modern diagnostic and therapeutic techniques within a friendly and human environment, in a constant effort to translate your desire into reality. You can contact us for information and in order to discuss your problem together.

Institute of Life Assisted Reproduction Unit at MITERA Maternity Hospital

The Assisted Reproduction Unit of MITERA was created with the aim of diagnosing and treating the problem of infertility, boasting high success rates and applying pioneering methods in Greece. It operates, similarly to major units in Europe and the US, within a maternity and gynecology hospital, thus ensuring maximum safety and coverage for the couple with physicians of all specialties.

Dr. Ioannidis served as Scientific Director of the MITERA IVF Unit from 2012 to 2013 and from 2015 to 2017. From 2017, Dr. Ioannidis is a member of the Institute of Life Fertility Specialists team and is honored to be a v. Scientific Director of the Institute of Life MHTEPA IVF Unit

The refurbished laboratory covers by itself a 45m2 area and has been ergonomically designed to serve two operating rooms at the same time, which are adjacent to the laboratory. The design and equipment of the laboratory abide by the standards recently suggested by the European Directive 2004/23 / EC as well as the Greek Presidential Decree PD 26/2008.

All the methods and techniques applied to the unit are under strict quality management system (ISO 9001: 2008), while laboratory practices are monitored by a strict quality control system.

Within the framework of its operation within one of the largest maternity hospitals in Greece, it offers the advantage of greater safety and direct cooperation with other departments (Microbiology, Molecular Genetics etc), while offering a complete package of psychological support and nutrition education services.

Our department as a part of the HYGEIA Group continues its cooperation with the most renowned Universities abroad, organizing scientific meetings with the participation of leading scientists of related specialties. These meetings introduce innovative techniques and innovative laboratory equipment.

For 10 consecutive years, we have been close to all couples by providing information evenings, and by the beginning of 2012 we also provide MEY DAY, a free information and support service for couples provided by the well-trained midwives of the unit.

Τι είπαν για εμάς

With the power of God and the strict professionalism and support of Dr. George Ioannides, we brought our son to the world. We owe them our happiness ...
Tasos & Isidora 14-05-2014
Thank you. We've been waiting for so many years for now!
Evi & Panagiotis 23-12-2014