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Dr. Alexandra Georgakopoulou

Scientific Director GONIMOTIS Ultrasound Centre
Scientific Collaborator MHTERA Hospital Fetal Medicine Unit.


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IMSI Microfertilization

The IMSI technique (intracytoplasmic injection of morphologically selected spermatozoa into the egg) is the most advanced technique in IVF for the treatment of infertility of male etiology and complements ICSI microfertilization. The use of IMSI contributes to better selection of sperm used for egg fertilization and minimizes the paternal contribution to IVF failure. According to international literature, the use of the IMSI technique has a clear benefit in achieving clinical pregnancy compared to ICSI microfertilization.

With the IMSI technique sperm selection takes place in real-time based on high-resolution microscopy that allows the sperm to grow. This is done by using a special electron microscope capable of delivering a much larger magnification (approximately 6000 times) than that used so far in reproduction labs (200 times) for the ICSI method.

Our technique allows detailed imaging of the sperm head and the assessment of any damage likely to be present in the DNA contained in the head. The higher magnification rate allows us to see the internal morphology of spermatozoa invisible to conventional microscopes, making it possible to avoid selecting the defective sperm that may compromise the success of the treatment. In this way sperm preselection takes place before microfertilization and only the best sperm is used.

ICSI microfertilization combined with the IMSI method

  • reduces the chance of IVF failure in cases of male-induced infertility,
  • improves the percentage of eggs to be fertilized,
  • increases the percentage of embryos reaching the blastocyst stage,
  • increases overall clinical pregnancy rate

The assisted reproduction unit of MITERA and Dr. Ioannidis have been the pioneers in Greece of the IMSI technique and since then have provided solutions to many infertile couples due to:

  • oligo – astheno – teratospermia
  • azoospermia

and to couples with:

  • low fertilization history after ICSI microfertilization
  • a history of repeated miscarriages
  • a history of multiple implantation failures following IVF,

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