Dr. George Ioannidis

Director GONIMOTIS Reproductive Centre
v. Scientific Director Institute of LIFE MHTERA Hospital IVF Unit

Dr. Alexandra Georgakopoulou

Scientific Director GONIMOTIS Ultrasound Centre
Scientific Collaborator MHTERA Hospital Fetal Medicine Unit.


Address:    Monis Petraki 5, Kolonaki, Athens
Tel:    +30 210 7222442-443
Fax:    +30 210 7222615
Email:  info@gonimotis.gr


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Dr. George Ioannidis and Dr Alexandra Georgakopoulou on behalf of GONIMOTIS Iatriki EE, hereafter the “Physician” created the www.gonimotis.gr website hereafter the “Website”, and any information or item (e.g. documents, files, texts, graphs) contained therein, hereafter the “Material”, with a view to inform the public and healthcare professionals.

The use of the Website, the services provided through it and the Material is subject to these Terms of Use, as they apply at any time, which constitute the agreement concluded between the physician and any person visiting the Site regarding its use.

Any access to and use of this Site (including mere navigation in it) indicates the user’s unconditional acceptance of the Terms of Use as they apply at any time.


Modification of the Terms of Use

The physician reserves the right to modify the Terms of Use and any other rule governing the use of the Website in his sole discretion, and to notify each modification with a relevant announcement on the homepage of this Website. The Terms of Use will indicate their latest date of update. The continued use of the Website by the user, and following such communication constitutes acceptance of these changes.

The use of the Website is subject to the Terms of Use in force at the time of use. The user must periodically review the Terms of Use in order to be informed of their content and is solely responsible for informing them.

Special Terms

In the event that the use of any service on the Website is regulated by special terms of use, these terms are considered as a whole with these Terms of Use. However, in the event of a conflict, the specific conditions of use of each service shall prevail.



By accepting the Terms of Use, the User declares that he / she is an adult over the age of 18 or, if he / she is under 18, that he / she has obtained the necessary consent from the person having the parental responsibility and that he / she will provide their details, if so required. The persons with parental responsibility of minors must protect them from access to adult content and are solely liable if they do not.



The Site is used “as is”, subject to modifications by the physician, while the user cannot make any modifications or other interventions.

The Physician tries, in every way, to make the use of the Website safe and provide accurate, complete, valid, reliable and up-to-date information. In any case, however, users acknowledge and accept that, given the nature and evolution of Dr. Ioannidis’ products and services and the nature and technical needs of the Internet, the latter may not be able to exercise full control at all times of the entire content and security of its websites and services.

The physician does not assume the obligation nor guarantees any responsibility of any kind regarding the lawfulness or not of the use of the Site by users and regarding the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the content of the Website and its security. Users therefore agree that they must assess the content and are solely responsible for their actions based on the use of the Website, including any decision to rely on the correctness, completeness or/and validity of its content.



Links to other sites

The website may contain links to websites owned or operated under the supervision of third parties. These links are provided only to facilitate the user. The physician does not control and cannot be held responsible for the operation, content, privacy policies hereafter, or the security of these websites. Indicatively, the physician cannot be held liable if third party websites:

– violate the rights of third parties,

– are not secure or are inaccurate, incomplete or misleading,

– contain viruses or other malware programs.

The physician does not embrace the content nor the products or services offered in these websites and is not affiliated with the managers of these sites. If the User logs on to these sites, he alone bears the risk of such connection and access without any involvement of the physician.


International Access

Access to the Web site is possible from all over the world. The Website may refer to products or services that are not available in the country of each User. These reports do not suggest that the physician intends to market these products in these countries.

The physician is subject to Greek law; He shall control, manages and will be responsible for the operation of the Website. Subject to the terms set forth in these terms regarding the physician’s liability for the content, the physician does not guarantee or assume any responsibility as to whether the Site, the Materials, Products and/or Services referred to therein are legal in countries outside Greece. If the User accesses the Site from outside Greece, he shall be solely responsible for complying with local laws.



With regard to the Physician’s Policy for the Protection of Intellectual Property and the Related Obligations of the Users, please read the Copyright Protection, which forms integral part of these Terms of Use.



For privacy protection and personal data management, please read the Personal Data Use and Privacy Protection.


Obligations on Registration

The User guarantees that he will provide true, accurate, timely and complete information about themselves when registering (hereinafter referred to as “Registration Data”). In addition, it undertakes to maintain and update the Subscription Data in a timely manner so that they are true, accurate, timely and complete. If the User uses untrue, inaccurate, irrelevant or incomplete information, or if the physician genuinely suspects that the information given is untrue, inaccurate, inadequate or incomplete, the physician has the right to suspend or terminate the Account of that User and refuse and / or prevent any and all future use of the services of the Website associated with the creation of an Account by that User.



Availability and Smooth Operation

The physician shall provide all reasonable efforts to maintain the website and make it available. Users, however, recognize that the internet is an unsafe means and that the availability of the websites may be affected by the equipment of the Users, other communication networks, Internet service providers, the large number of people trying to make use of the Site concurrently or other causes. For these reasons, users agree that the physician will not be held responsible for any shutdown or malfunction of the Website.

The physician has nothing to do with the provision of Internet connection services and the User remains solely responsible for paying all relevant amounts to the respective providers of the relevant services and ensuring their access to the Internet.

Users agree and accept that the physician may modify and / or temporarily or permanently discontinue the operation of all or part of the Website with and / or without notice to Users. For this reason, the physician cannot be responsible for any kind of damage caused by the disruption or malfunctioning of the Website or the inability of Users to access it, the termination of the whole or parts thereof, the delay, the non-delivery, interruption or poor quality of service or loss of content or the existence of any kind of error. The Physician does not guarantee that the Site will be compatible with each User’s computer, hardware and software.



Although the physician provides his best efforts to protect the Site from digital viruses and / or any other kind of harmful or destructive files (or programs) designed to interfere, destroy or restrict the operation of any software or telecommunications equipment, he can not guarantee that the Site will never be affected by such information. Therefore, the integrity and preservation of each user’s software systems and equipment rests with their own care, and the physician will not be held responsible in case of attack of the electrical equipment (software and hardware) by viruses and other harmful files as outlined above.



The Users accept and agree that they will use the Website in a lawful manner. Users, indicatively and without limitation, agree that by using the Website:

will not act in a way that prevents and / or renders impossible the smooth and / or lawful use of the Website and other sites associated with it by other Users

will not act in such a way as to violate the intellectual or industrial property rights of the physician or third parties (on Intellectual Property Protection, read Copyright Protection)

will not act in such a way as to mislead any third party as to the origin of the content of the Website and / or otherwise prejudice the reputation of the Physician

will not “upload” or otherwise transmit in any way material and information which they are not entitled to disclose under legal provisions or private agreements (e.g., confidential information)

will not act in such a way as to affect any rights or the personality of third parties, and in particular in such a way as to harm a minor

will not interfere with or pose a risk to security or otherwise cause damage to the Site, the material hosted on it, the source code of its software, the server it hosts, and / or networks linked to or accessible through the Website or other websites connected to it.

will not pursue an objective prohibited by these Terms of Use

they will not take any action that might constitute or encourage behavior that could be considered a criminal offense, raise civil liability claims or otherwise violate any law

will not publish or transmit any material containing threatening, untrue, misleading, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, immoral, scandalous, pornographic or blasphemous content. The physician will fully cooperate with all law enforcement authorities and will fully comply with any court decision requesting or mandating the disclosure of the identity of any person publishing or transmitting such information and material

will not gather e-mail addresses or other user information from the Site by electronic or other means and in order to establish undesirable commercial or other communication with them

they will not “upload”, transmit, store or make available to the public in any way photographs of third parties without their consent.

will inform the physician as soon as they become aware of any illegal or prohibited use of this Web Site by third parties

It is strictly forbidden to use any item of the Material other than that provided for in these Terms of Use without obtaining the written permission of the physician. In case of a violation of the Terms of Use, the physician will make full use of the legal remedies provided by the law, including criminal prosecution.



In any event of violation of these Terms of Use, Users will be liable for damages for any positive and / or incidental damage caused to the Physician. Failure by the physician to exercise his rights under these Terms of Use will not imply a waiver of such rights. The physician reserves the right to oversee the application of these rules in its sole discretion.



The User agrees to protect, defend and compensate the physician for any damage and expense without any limitation that may be suffered by and arising out of or directly or indirectly linked to misuse by the User of the Site or in violation of our Terms of Use.



The printed version of the Website and the Terms of Use and any correspondence in electronic form will be accepted as evidence before the judicial or administrative authorities.



These Terms and Conditions of Use and any amendments thereto are governed by the laws of Greece. The courts of Athens shall be competent to resolve any dispute arising out of this Agreement which can not be resolved out of court.

All rights and remedies under the terms of use are cumulative and do not exclude other rights and remedies provided by law or by any other agreement.



For any questions or clarifications related to www.gonimotis.gr, users can contact doctor@gonimotis.gr



Except for explicitly defined exceptions, all content contained on the www.gonimotis.gr website that may be the subject of intellectual property rights is the intellectual property of the physician and is protected by the relevant provisions of THE Greek, the EU and international law for the protection of intellectual and industrial property (hereafter referred to as the “Material”).

The composition of the content and the layout of the items that are contained on the Site are the sole responsibility of the physician and are protected by the relevant provisions of Greek, EU and international law.

The physician hereby expressly reserves all intellectual property rights in each and all elements of the content of www.gonimotis.gr.

Every user of www.gonimotis.gr acknowledges and accepts that the content of www.gonimotis.gr is for personal use only and not for commercial use. This content can not be used for commercial purposes or copied, modified, reproduced, retransmitted, transmitted or distributed in whole or in part by any means by any user.

Each user is entitled to download and / or to copy and / or store an individual part of the www.gonimotis.gr material for their strictly personal use and not for commercial purposes without deleting their indications of origin and under the condition that they will protect any and all proprietary rights of the physician from any infringement. For all other purpose such actions will only be allowed if they take place with the written consent of the physician. Access to the site www.gonimotis.gr or any of the above mentioned actions will in no way result in the creation of a right, title or legitimate interest from and / or in the part of the content that was “downloaded” and / or copied and / or stored to any part or the whole of the www.gonimotis.gr website.

Subject to the foregoing, the user undertakes not to create a derivative project based on the content of www.gonimotis.gr, not to copy, reproduce, republish, upload, modify, transmit or sell or exploit in any manner whatsoever or in whole or in part share the Site Material or related software, not index it, not frame it with another website, not insert it as a link for direct access from another site to its inside information, not copy its location to another server by creating an image and not promised to no promise to any third party of the www.gonimotis.gr, without the express prior written consent of the physician. It is also forbidden to create and / or publish a database containing important parts of the www.gonimotis.gr website without the prior express consent of the physician.

Users using www.gonimotis.gr unreservedly agree, accept and covenant that they will make reasonable and appropriate use of www.gonimotis.gr in particular in accordance with the terms set out above. Therefore, users, indicatively and without limitation, agree that they will not use www.gonimotis.gr to transmit or gain access to content that violates any intellectual property rights of third parties or the physician.

Where the website www.gonimotis.gr refers through “links” or hyperlinks to other websites, the owners and / or administrators of which beat full liability (both civil and criminal) for the security, legality and validity of the content of their websites, excluding any responsibility of the physician, such as, for example, liability for infringement of intellectual and industrial property rights. Visiting and accessing these pages is at the sole responsibility of the user.

It is a basic principle of the physician’s policy to respect and protect the intellectual property rights of third parties. If, however, the user considers that through the www.gonimotis.gr website his / her copyright is infringed, he/she may inform the physician by sending an e-mail to doctor@gonimotis.gr specifying the content of the Website that he considers to be offensive to his or her rights and the reasons they consider to constitute the offense.